German IT market expected to grow by approx. 6% in 2022

Germany IT Market Size and Structure
The German market for IT – consisting of software, hardware, and services spending – is expected to generate sales of EUR 108.6 billion in 2022 - a growth rate of 5.9 percent compared with 2021.

Spending on software is expected to record the most significant growth in IT, rising by 9.0 percent to EUR 32.4 billion. IT services, with a volume of 43.0 billion euros, will still account for the largest share of the IT market in 2022 (+3.9 percent), ahead of IT hardware. Spending on IT hardware will increase by 5.7 percent to EUR 33.2 billion in the current year.

In 2022, spending on information technology will be accompanied by spending on telecommunications of EUR 67.3 billion with an increase of 0.9 percent and consumer electronics spending of EUR 9.0 billion forecasted to decline by -2.3 percent.

These IT market figures are provided by bitkom, Germany’s digital association representing more than 2,000 companies of the digital economy. The statistics are updated every six months and include forecasts.

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