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Big Data market in Germany shows impressive growth

on Wednesday, 20 June 2018. Posted in Trend Monitoring, Germany, Go-to-market

Big Data is one of the top technology trends in Germany in 2018. Sales are expected to rise by 10 percent. Perfect time for foreign companies to seize the chance and invest.

2018 04 BigDataBig Data remains one of the key topics in Germany and the market is growing impressively. According to a recent press release by German high-tech association Bitkom, sales of hardware, software and services in the field of Big Data will be approximately about 6.4 bn Euro in 2018. That’s a plus of 10 percent in comparison to the year before. Those numbers are based on calculations by the IT market research company IDC by order of Bitkom.

The highest revenue generates the segment software. A profit of 3.1 bn Euro is expected to be redeemed this year. That’s a plus of 9 percent compared to 2017. Sales for services around Big Data will grow by 11 percent to 2.5 bn Euro. Hardware is the segment which according to the prognosis is the fastest growing Big Data segment – also from a small basis – with a rise of 18 percent. The turnover in Germany is expected to be 671 million Euros in 2018.

2018 04 BigData

Big Data also shows up in Bitkom’s top ten list of the most important technology trends 2018 in Germany. In a survey among German ITC companies, 43 percent of them stated that Big Data is an important topic that will have a definitive impact on the German ITC market in 2018. Big Data made it to rank 5 of the list.

Another representative survey among 604 German companies with 20 and more employees published by Bitkom during the opening of CEBIT, Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization, earlier last week, concludes that six out of ten companies (57 percent) already use Big Data or are planning its use.

For foreign companies with a focus on Big Data the massive interest in the topic is their chance to jump on the bandwagon and profit from the momentum of the German market.

With the help of partners and a clever use of PR to gain visibility, the entry to the complex and crowded market can be accelerated.

“Germany is a growth market for Big Data. If you have anything to offer in this field and consider entering the market, then you should do it now”, says Bernd Hoeck, founder of bloodsugarmagic and go-to-market expert. “Our proven concept and a deep knowledge of the DACH market have already helped many companies to start their business here. We are happy to support you with our network and expertise to define the right strategy for your market entry and create visibility for you and your product.”


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