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Bitkom raises growth forecast for German IT market

on Wednesday, 04 November 2015. Posted in Germany, Go-to-market

German IT market is further on the rise and one of the most exciting markets in Europe. Foreign companies specialized in IT security and on IoT platforms can profit from this positive trend when they enter the market now.

bitkom prognosis engl ausschnittThe German ICT market is further on the rise – especially in the segment software. In its recently published economic forecast German high-tech association Bitkom even declared the rise of its growth forecast by 0.4 percent to 1.9 percent. That means a turnover of 156 billion Euros for the whole market in 2015.

Between the various sectors of the branch though, there are significant differences. Sales with end-user devises such as smartphones (+5.5 percent) and with software (+5.4 percent) are on top of the scale while sales with telecommunication services (-0.3 percent) and consumer electronics (-3.8 percent) are declining.

Most important growth driver of the industry remains the field of information technology, which builds from software, hardware and IT services. According to the Bitkom forecast, sales here will reach 80.4 billion Euros in 2015. That’s a plus of 3.5 percent. From an already high level, the sector software is growing the most with a plus of 5.4 percent to 20.1 billion Euros. The business with IT services has also grown steadily within the past years and is now about to reach a turnover of 37.3 billion Euros, which relates to an increase of 3 percent.

bitkom prognosis engl

Also, Bitkom declared that for the first time ever, the German ICT branch is employing more than one million people. That means, that in the past five years about 135.000 new jobs have been created. Again, the companies belonging to the sector information technology employ the most people (794.000) and grow the strongest.  

"The providers are profiting from the fact that companies of all branches are adjusting their business towards digitalization because of the general trend of the digital transformation of the economy”, says Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, managing director at Bitkom. “We see a closer networking in industrial production and a downright digital boom in the automotive sector. Industry 4.0 and intelligent mobility stimulate the demand for semiconductors.” Besides the growing demand for servers, the strong sales increase of semiconductors leads to a general increase of sales in IT hardware to 23 billion Euros.

“Already today cars are high-performance computers. They will be networked data centers in the future. The market figures reflect this trend”, Rohleder continues.

Bernd Hoeck, managing director of the go-to-market think-tank bloodsugarmagic, agrees with Rohleder and declares: “Germany is one of the most exciting markets in Europe. All essential standards and concepts for industry 4.0 and the smart factory will need to be established here because most of the leading providers of the mechanical engineering sector are situated in Germany. The Internet of things remains one of the most important technology and market trends here.”

Especially for providers of IT security solutions or IoT platforms this is a great chance and an entry into the German ICT market really a must. bloodsugarmagic has a long standing expertise and experience in go-to-market strategies and knows how to successfully gain a foothold in the German market. Just drop us a line and we will discuss your options.


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