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German App market is booming - enter it now!

on Monday, 30 June 2014. Posted in Germany, Go-to-market

The market for applications for mobile devices in Germany is growing rapidly. The number of downloads is massively increasing as well as the turnout. To profit from this development visibility of your product is key.

AppsInGermanyThe market for Apps in Germany is booming. According to a press release published by BITKOM, the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media, in 2014 approximately 717 million Euro of sales are expected to be made with Apps, applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. This is a plus of 31 per cent in comparison to the previous year (547 million Euro). BITKOM leans on data collected by the market research institution research2guidance.

The number of Apps downloaded by users has literally exploded in the past several years: while three years ago there has been 962 million downloads of Apps, in 2014 the market researchers anticipate 3,4 billion Apps downloaded.

The most popular Apps are those for social networks, providers of maps and games, knows BITKOM-expert Tobias Arns. The four biggest App stores Google Play Store, Apples App Store, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World all together provided about 2,8 million Apps for downloading in April 2014.

Use PR and Influencer Marketing to enter the market

Bernd Hoeck, founder and managing partner of bloodsugarmagic, the international network of experts in positioning, marketing programs and go-to-market strategies for IT companies, explains: "Visibility is key if you want to be successful on the German App market. There is a huge number of applications out there but it is your great and unique App you want the users to find and download."

To accomplish this goal, Hoeck knows, it is important to use PR and Influencer Marketing. "Let the world know what you have to offer and use influencers like bloggers, analysts and the media to spread the word."
When you follow these simple guidelines and use the Go-to-Market Model created by bloodsugarmagic the German App market is a very profitable market with little entry barriers.


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