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German IT companies optimistic just before CeBIT

on Thursday, 12 February 2015. Posted in Germany, Go-to-market

IT service providers and software vendors are especially confident. 85 percent of ICT companies are expecting rising sales in 2015. Even more are happy with the domestic demand.

German IT companies optimistic just before CeBIT

bitkom index 2015Just before the CeBIT 2015, the mood among enterprises in the IT industry is very good and confident. This is the result of the recent survey of the German high-tech association BITKOM.

85 percent of the companies questioned are expecting rising sales for the full year 2015, only 4 percent forecast losses in sales. The BITKOM index - a mood indicator for the German IT sector - remains unchanged over the last six months at an all-time high level of 72. One year ago the index was at 67. IT service providers and software vendors are the most optimistic while communications technology providers are the most skeptical.

While general business mood indicators such as the IFO-index have shown some declining confidence for the German economy as a whole in 2014, indicators for the information technology sector remain high. This illustrates a common trend: Faced with a less economic outlook, enterprises in Germany invested more in software and IT technology to achieve productivity gains. New trends like Industry 4.0 fuel this trend even more.

One of the reasons for the good mood is the favorable trend seen in the second half of 2014: about three-quarters of businesses (74 percent) could register sales increases between July and December, 12 percent reported declines.

Another interesting result of the survey is the fact that 94 percent of the companies questioned are satisfied or very satisfied with the domestic demand in Germany.

“This is also a chance for foreign providers to enter the German IT market or to establish new partnerships. The mood on the market is good and there is a high demand for IT services and products”, says Bernd Hoeck, managing partner of the go-to-market think tank bloodsugarmagic. “CeBIT is the perfect place to get to know companies and explore strategies of cooperation.”

bloodsugarmagic will also be at the CeBIT and can help bringing together potential partners. Contact us, if you are interested in entering the German market and would like to meet in Hannover. We provide various go-to-market and market entry services for ISVs, hardware vendors, IT services providers or near-/offshoring providers and have a long track record in positioning, influencer marketing, channel building and lead generation in Germany.


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