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IT Ties between Germany and UK get closer

on Wednesday, 06 August 2014. Posted in Germany

The United Kingdom is now the number one export market for German IT products and services. As ties between Germany and the UK get closer, bloodsugarmagic sees great opportunities for UK IT firms to enter the German market.

TiesUKandGermanyIn the first quarter of 2014 Great Britain became the most important buying country for ICT products made in Germany. As latest figures from BITKOM, the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media, and the Federal Statistical Office show, the UK replaced France at the top position with approximately 640 million Euros IT imports from Germany.

France bought ICT products worth 609 million Euros on the German IT market. On position three follows the Czech Republic with 525 million Euros export value. The US are the only non-European country among the top ten export markets placed on rank 8.

“Germany and the UK are the two heavy weights in the European IT market. The joint discussion with the partner country UK at this year's CeBIT fair has shown how much both countries can benefit from an even closer relation. The new numbers prove that the IT companies in UK and Germany use these opportunities”, said Prof. Dieter Kempf, BITKOM President in a press release.

Altogether, the export of German IT products grew by 1 percent to 7,3 billion Euros in the first quarter of 2014 in comparison to the same period the year before. From January till March 2014, Germany imported high-tech products worth 11,7 billion Euros, which is 3 percent more than in 2013. Most important supplier country for Germany by far stays China (4,8 billion Euros), ahead of the Netherlands (954 million Euros) and the Czech Republic (690 million Euros). The United Kingdom is placed at rank 9 (288 million Euros) on the top ten list of most important supplying countries.

"As ties in IT business between UK and Germany grow, it’s a great time for British IT companies to enter the German market", comments Bernd Hoeck, founder of bloodsugarmagic and expert for IT go-to-market strategies in Germany. "British IT products and services have a great reputation in Germany. Demand for IT products and services in Germany is at its all-time high and will stay there due to the booming economy. Germany is for UK IT companies a market close by that has very little entry barriers.”

Hoeck continues: “Our UK clients are often concerned that language might be a big obstacle on their entry to the German market. But German buyers are used to English as a core IT language. So there often is much less need to localize your marketing collaterals, manuals and so than often expected.”


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