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Lessons learned from this year’s it-sa IT security trade fair in Germany

on Friday, 11 November 2016. Posted in Germany, Go-to-market

Top security event it-sa in Germany highlights new trends in the German IT security market.

Lessons learned from this year’s it-sa IT security trade fair in Germany

Logo itsa 800x600pxWith increasing numbers of both exhibitors and visitors, organizers of IT security trade fair it-sa draw a positive conclusion. IT security remains hot topic. German market is growing in importance since international players are using it as an entry to Europe.

Europe’s biggest trade fair on IT security, it-sa, closed at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg with new records and shows that the interest in the issue is still growing. In 2016, with 490 exhibitors from 19 countries and well over 10,000 trade visitors, the organizers can register a plus of about 60 new exhibitors and about 1000 additional visitors in comparison to 2015. Especially the number of international visitors has grown significantly. “The it-sa 2016 event was a resounding success. The results are impressive evidence that it-sa has established itself as the leading fair for IT security in Europe,” concludes Frank Venjakob, Executive Director it-sa of Messe Nürnberg, following three days of in-depth professional dialogue in the fully booked Hall 12.

For us, the visit of it-sa each year is a must to investigate the current IT security market. At this year’s exhibition, we noticed that the hot topics of IT security in the DACH region were also reflected and discussed at it-sa. 
Among the hot topics this year have been:

  • The protection of intellectual property is a very big issue for many hidden champions of the German Mittelstand (leading medium cap companies.)
  • The introduction of an information security management systems (ISMS) has reached a much broader audience in the market.
  • The protection of critical infrastructures remains a hot issue with the fear of increasing cyber terror attacks. 
  • Since Germany is the top market for smart factory concepts (or industry 4.0 as it is called in Germany), secure IoT and secure industry 4.0 also remain important issues of debate.

Since our team supports foreign IT vendors on entering the German or DACH region market, one thing was in particular interesting. It has been evident that a lot of new, international player are now using Germany to open the door to Europe instead of the UK. With the upcoming Brexit, the relevance of the German market is growing tremendously. It is becoming the favored springboard into Europe, since Germany by itself represents the biggest market in Europe for IT and provides full access to the EU markets.

As a reaction to the continuous growth of the trade fair, the next round of it-sa that will take place from 10 to 12 October 2017, will be hosted in two halls instead of one. “Given that demand and display area have been growing from year to year, this is a logical step that enables us to create the basis for further growth in it-sa in the coming years,” explains Executive Director it-sa Venjakob.

Foreign companies that are considering to enter the German IT security market should reserve this date and participate in the exhibition in 2017. Until then, our team at bloodsugarmagic gladly helps to prepare for a market entry and next year’s it-sa. 

If you consider entering the European IT market, please do not hesitate to get in touch and use our expertise.


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