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UK Rocks CeBIT 2014

on Monday, 17 March 2014. Posted in Germany, Go-to-market

UK’s Partnership with CeBIT Substantially Pays Off For The Country | UK IT firms Successfully Explored Go-To-Market Opportunities in Germany and the U.S. | UK startup Viewsy wins CODE_n Award.

UKRocksCeBIT2014CeBIT 2014 closed at Friday, so today, it is time to evaluate this year’s engagement of the United Kingdom as the show’s official partner country of 2014. With more than 60 IT companies from the UK using CeBIt to explore new opportunities, meet new customers and discuss new business partnerships, the country’s strategy appeared to pay big dividends by showcasing UK’s IT innovation at work.

Minister for trade investment Lord Livingston, CEO of the UK technology industry trade group techUK Julian David, and TechCity chairman Joanna Shields promoted the UK IT industry during CeBIT by discussing the importance of technology to the British economy and society as well as the benefits of open data.

“What all of these great businesses have in common is they proved that creativity, ideas and a fresh perspective to see the world in different ways is the new competitive edge,” Shields said. “All these entrepreneurs and the successful businesses they represent are proof that innovation is happening all across the UK and technology is a potent force for economic growth.”

bloodsugarmagic fully agrees with this assessment. “We are very impressed by the high quality and innovative power of the new products and approaches UK companies presented this year,” said Bernd Hoeck, managing partner at go-to-market think tank bloodsugarmagic. “Our discussions regarding go-to-market strategies into Germany with many of these companies were impressive and convinced us that many of these companies have the potential to be very successful in the lucrative German market.”

“Germany’s demand for innovative IT to fuel the economy is huge and is continuing to grow rapidly,” the go-to-market expert explained. “The result is that Germany is now more receptive than ever to creative UK IT products and services and as a result, the UK has surpassed France to become the most important European business partner for Germany. This has created a new window of opportunity for many of today’s UK IT firms.”

London-based Startup Viewsy Honored With CODE_n Award

Since the beginning of CeBit last Monday, 50 startups from 17 countries presented their innovative Big Data business models in CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT. Amongst great anticipation, the coveted CODE_n Award and prize money of EUR 30,000 was awarded to London-based Viewsy. "All of our finalists added their own exciting touch to the future of Big Data with very different business models. With Viewsy, we awarded a young company that impressively demonstrated how large data volumes can be safely, intelligently and profitably used with a technologically mature solution," Ulrich Dietz said in a press release. Dietz is the initiator of the CODE_n Award and CEO of GFT Technologies AG.

London-based startup Viewsy offers retailers the ability to analyze and understand the behavior of their customers in detail, providing key data that can be used to make more informed marketing decisions. For example, retailers can analyze the average amount of time spent in a store, the most frequently accessed areas of the store as well as the frequency of store visits with Viewsy’s solution. Viewsy acquires a variety of new data sources such as foot traffic and average spend which are statistically interpreted, offering retailers a deeper understanding of customer behavioral patterns in order to make key marketing decisions that capitalize on this knowledge. Brand owners can benefit from this kind of data as well by obtaining specific insights regarding where to best position which products in the store. All data is acquired anonymously to ensure privacy protection and identification of individuals is purposefully excluded.

A total of 450 applicants from 60 countries applied for a booth in this year’s CODE_n hall. Fifty were selected to present their technology and market approaches to the expert audience at the world's largest IT trade show. The scope of the presented solutions ranged from future-oriented analysis methods in the mobility, health, financial services and commerce vertical markets, as well as software solutions and Big Data-based platforms for the environmental and energy sectors.

“Five out of the 50 worldwide finalists were innovative IT firms from the United Kingdom,” Hoeck pointed out. “This is a clear indicator of the innovative power of UK startups and IT companies. We believe the combined efforts of UKTI, techUK and TechCity UK to build a creative hotspot for new IT and digital companies is now paying off. We constantly monitor the worldwide market for innovative IT companies we can assist with their market entries into Germany and the U.S. and at CeBit, the UK revealed itself to be a true powerhouse when it comes to creative digital startups.”


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