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Go-to-Market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH)

LandingDACHGermany (D) forms together with Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) the so-called DACH market. It is by far the largest and most promising market for IT in Europe.

We are fully specialized on go-to-market strategies and services in DACH and can offer you an easy and effective entry into the DACH market. This applies to software/hardware vendors as well as to service providers.

Whether you are looking to setup your own operations and/or work with channel partners, we can get you off to a fast start. We help our clients to formulate a successful market entry strategy and optimize budgetary spending. Our insights into local trends and market dynamics combined with our business and management expertise put us in an excellent position to answer the relevant questions for a successful market entry.

Our German team can get you in touch with local market influencers and drivers. We can provide you with a trusted network worth a few lifetimes in IT. We are experienced in bringing foreign IT companies safely and quickly into the DACH market.

The DACH market is currently the fastest growing IT market of a substantial size in Europe. It is predicted to grow despite all economic doubts in other parts of Europe.

Seize the opportunity, and give us a call.


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