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Stand out from the crowd with clear differentiation

Strong positioning for IT companies

Positionierung von IT-Unternehmen ist wie Surfing

In IT, like in surfing, positioning ultimately determines success. IT companies can learn a lot from surfers. Let's talk about it!

Bernd Hoeck, Founder & CEO of bloodsugarmagic

Why is positioning so important?

The IT industry is full of companies that fail to position themselves clearly and deliver a differentiated value proposition. If you want to be a player everywhere, you won't be really successful anywhere. Or do you know a top athlete who excels in figure skating, fencing, and pole vaulting?

Long-term successful IT companies have a clear positioning in the market and differentiate themselves and their services from the competition. As a result, they win more customers and demonstrably achieve higher margins.

Quick convincing results instead of endless discussions

Many companies find it challenging to define their positioning clearly. Often, approaches for a precise positioning get bogged down in endless debates, political infighting, or a lack of decisiveness.

Let us be your sparring partner and pilot for the positioning project. We use unique methods and many years of experience to quickly develop convincing results together in the necessary depth.

Development of a unique positioning in a fast and structured process.

A modular 360 degree method

  • Clear structure in the process of creating the positioning through unique workshop method and interactive tools
  • Analysis of current and future trends based on analyst reports and market data
  • Analysis of customer feedback and competitive situation
  • A precise formulation of USPs for your products and services


  • The new story is provided in three formats: Elevator pitch, napkin sketch, and strategy paper
  • New messaging with customer value argumentation
  • Battle Cards (optional)
  • Action plan for implementation in your company

Based on your strengths, we work with you to develop an independent and clear positioning for your company. This will make you attractive to your customers and put you in the best possible competitive position since you will change the playing field in your favor.